Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

The GraceLife Family of Churches sent out Patti Parks as a missionary to Ireland in the Summer of 2016.
Below is a ministry update from Patti for 2022 in review.
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Here are some of the highlights in ministry from 2022

I thank God for each of you and for your partnership in the Gospel. Thank you for your prayers and for your love and support for me throughout this year.
We have not seen any snow yet this year, but a few weeks ago, we had a freeze that lasted a week and the fog and humidity turned the surrounding into a winter wonderland!
2022 began with a wonderful Home Assignment, from Jan -Feb. It was a great time to update churches, supporters, and friends. I was encouraged and it was great to meet some of you for the first time. Also, seeing the sun in the dead of winter wasn’t bad either!
Returning back to Ireland, we had our first St. Patrick’s Day parade in 3 years, and it was amazing. We had a float representing our LEGO (Good News Club) and came in first place! Our LEGO Club is a local outreach with CEF where we get to share the gospel with children, of elementary school age each Thursday in the local community center.
2022 also came with the opportunity to go and enjoy conferences in person. These conferences were a great source of encouragement and opportunity for fellowship with other brothers and sisters in Chris.
It was bittersweet when our addictions Group came to an end in the Spring of 2022. It was sweet because we saw that lady you have been praying for come to know the Lord and the group ended with a focus on discipleship. Also, I want to let you know, just a few weeks ago, she was baptized! Praise the Lord! Please pray for her as she continues to walk with the Lord, her Savior!
The Summer was filled with kid’s clubs and summer camps. Please pray for the children and youth who heard the gospel, especially the young Ukrainian refugees who expressed interest in following Christ.
Our women’s bible studies have gone really well. We finished up Matthew in the spring and began an overview of Biblical Theology Study in the Autumn. While our women in Belturbet have been studying 1&2 Timothy. It is such a privilege to study and teach God’s word with and to other women. Please pray for me in this new year of opportunity that our women would grow in maturity and love for Christ.
In the last few months, I have had the privilege of doing one-to-one with 3 ladies, of all different ages in a study for Baptism. One of them (not from the addictions group) was baptized in November and we hope the other 2 will be baptized in the new year. Please pray for their understanding of the significance of Baptism.
At the beginning of Autumn when the “What’s the Story” evangelistic campaign launched across Ireland, we hosted a team from the Irish Baptist College and we were able to share the gospel with many folks in Cavan while they were here, including going into three different schools. Please pray for the seeds that were planted at that time in Cavan and also for the continued use of the “What’s the Story” resources.
The days and weeks leading up to Christmas are always very busy in ministry but this year was a bit different. We had our annual Carol Concert at the Local GAA (Gaelic Football) Pitch. It was freezing and still had close to 200 folks come out. Please pray for those who heard the gospel that night.
And just a few more highlights from 2022, I would have to mention my time as assistant coaching the Cavan Shamrocks! It has been so fun and such a great connection into the community. I have learned more about the locals here in this role than I have in the 4 years of living in Cavan. I am also loving soccer as well! Please pray for these connections. I just invited one of the mothers to come to our Annual Women’s Little Christmas, which will be happening on January 6th. This event will be an outreach for our community to women! Thanks for your prayers.
Happy New Year to all, as we look forward to seeing what the Lord will do!

Your Sister in Christ,
Patti Parks

Patti Parks

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One Child is a global community of Child Champions that serves children in poverty so they can discover hope and reach their God-given potential.  As a global community of Child Champions, we advocate for children in hard places and provide holistic care so they have hope and thrive.

We see a world where every child in poverty has a champion — someone who loves them and supports them as they overcome adversity. Someone who believes in them, listens to them, and challenges them to persevere. Uplifted by Child Champions, we see children thriving, filled with hope, strong in faith and equipped to make the world better – from the renewal of local communities to the eradication of global poverty.

We encourage children to grow in their relationship with God in many different ways, depending on the country where the child lives. As kids grow in their faith and learn about God’s love, they discover true hope for the future.

Children attending OneChild Hope Centers receive nutritious food or supplements, which helps kids stay healthy and fights child hunger. At Hope Centers, kids also enjoy child development opportunities that improve their physical coordination and promote exercise. Children also receive preventive medical check-ups and immunizations to fight common diseases. In addition, kids learn how to take care of their bodies, avoid high-risk behaviors, and protect themselves from illness through simple and effective hygiene habits.  

Meet Our One Child

Hi, I'm Valentine!
I'm 10 years old, and my birthday is February 14th.
 My personality or demeanor is: adventurous, friendly, humble
My favorite toy: notebook, pens, wire car
My favorite activity: climbing, cops and robbers, football-soccer Chores I do around the house: cleaning the yard, making the bed, picking up/taking out trash
The most important person(s) in my life is: my father, my grandmother, my mother
I am thankful for: my family, my grandmother, my health
When I am grown, I want to be: Military, Officer
Being part of the Hope Center has changed my life by: broadening my thoughts, giving me a chance to dream, making me a new person  
Child Lives With: Both biological parents
Father Works as: Vendor, Item Seller
Mother Works as: Self-employed, Independent
Siblings: No Sibling in Home

I live in Zimbabwe!
Shona  - This is the main language we speak in Zimbabwe.
4% of women in my country are married by age 15.  
 63%  of our population has access to safe water.
35%  of our people live below the poverty line. 
Typical Housing Material: Block
Typical Water Source: Indoor
Access to Electricity: Yes
Community Type: Plains or flat land
Community Climate: Dry
Primary Diet: Beans, chicken, rice
The Mahlathini Hope Center is located in an area that struggles with HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, and child-headed households. Despite these challenges, area families feel blessed to have a global community of Child Champions who dedicate themselves to seeing the next generation grow and thrive. By listening to the specific needs of local children, these loving adults are equipped to provide them with individualized care, a chance to succeed, and hope for a better future.

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