Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Mission & Vision

GraceLife Beachside Church exists to make disciples of the Beachside community and to provide a safe place where folks can rethink their lives and explore a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Core Values

1. Grace - We are humble as our Lord and Savior Jesus was humble. We don’t scold each other, berate each other – or motivate by fear.

2. Authenticity - We are an open and honest church – we tell the truth at all times and freely confess our faults. Because the Gospel tells us that we have nothing to fear, nothing to prove and nothing to hide – we practice transparency with confidence.

3. Joy - We are a joyful body of believers who like to laugh and not take ourselves too seriously – while at the same time - we take our mission very seriously. Even though we like to laugh – it’d be a mistake to underestimate us – our joy makes us tenacious 

Core Commitments

1st – We will be Gratitude-Driven and Shame-Averse
2nd - We will embrace Sacrifice and shun Comfort.
3rd – We will stress Cooperation over Competition
4th – We will choose Trust instead of Suspicion
5th - We will gladly Send rather than Hoard

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